Registration and Flow Meter

Two fundamental tools to become a raw water user

San Luis Agua communicates that it is essential that raw water users are registered and have a flow meter to avoid fines and to be able to complain of any fault in the service.

The state society reminds that the process of raw water users registration is a compulsory condition for neighbors to receive an optimum service, avoid penalties and preserve the resource.

All places in the province that require raw water supply for various purposes (recreation, irrigation, livestock or industrial), must make the corresponding registration to be able to receive the service in optimum conditions and in compliance with the Province Water Code.

Being a a compliant user allows us to efficiently trace requests, demands and claims, as each user has a registration number – which contains the information required by San Luis Agua, such as location, latitude, type of use, etc. – crucial for providing the supply.  

Owning a flow meter is mandatory, otherwise, and in accordance with regulations, the user will be sanctioned with fines and even with the suspension of water supply.

San Luis Agua has delegations in different places of the province, seeking to reach every neighbor with the service and support.

The telephone line to communicate with San Luis Agua Headquartes is 59 0266 4452000 ext. 4873

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