The Rivers in San Luis Province

San Luis province has an important hydrographic network, which, together with dams and reservoirs, provides this vital resource for human consumption, irrigation and tourism.

Most of the rivers in the province are born in San Luis mountain range and are fed from springs and rainfall. There are two types of water courses: permanent and temporary. The most important permanent water courses are rivers: Quinto, Conlara, San Luis, Quines, Luján, San Francisco, Nogolí and Desaguadero. There is a significant number of temporary water courses, but they are of minor importance in terms of use.

Due to the rainfall variations throughout the year, a change occurs in the regime of each river or stream in the province. With Summer being the period of greatest flow, and Winter the period of lower flow. 

The water courses are concentrated in the centre-north of the province, where San Luis mountain range is located. In the south of the province, the presence of rivers and streams is subject to local runoff during the rainy season.

The drainage network can be divided into watersheds, which would be the area surrounding a main river and its tributaries. In San Luis there are several river basins, including the Basins of Conlara, North Plains, South Plains, Vilance, Desagüadero, Bebedero, Salado and Quinto.