What is the water Policy on Boreholes and Public Wells?

Through the department of Groundwater and Public Wells, San Luis Agua develops water the groundwater use policy by making all the control, monitoring and administrative clearance of existing boreholes in the province, where users serve from.

In San Luis province, there are a total of 1.331 perforations. 40% of which are destined to agricultural use, followed by industrial, livestock and human consumption use.

The underground water has a very important role regarding productivity. So much so that from the 60,000 has. under irrigation in the province, 35,000 has are irrigated with groundwater.

The applied policy includes the administrative management on procedures for the registration of drilling companies, public wells, perforations and permits and technical pre-feasibility for drilling, among other administrative aspects.

The pillar of the resource management is the communication and connection with users, providing support for their registration, application for permits, etc. Our province has a registry of groundwater users, where all the perforations for special uses must be registered.

The team of this department also takes care of the water infrastructure maintenance and constant improvement.

Users seeking our support can visit us at our Administrative office in Edificio Capital, Terrazas del Portezuelo, in our app for Android: San Luis Agua, or in the website www.sanluisagua.com.ar

Article and photo: San Luis Agua S. E. Press Department