Water Conduction Canal System

The government of San Luis, through San Luis Water, has created and manages a raw water conduction network in the form gravitational channels. This water is used according to the conduction line to agricultural, livestock and industrial uses. In total, the network reaches 730 km in length. If a straight line was traced on a map, such extension would be equivalent to the distance between San Luis City and Neuquén City.

How do producers and irrigators of the province benefit from the use of this network?
Nowadays, in the province of San Luis, there is a total of 30 systems of canals that reach more than 1,150 agricultural users and farmers.

The coated and uncoated canal network extension covers an irrigated area of 15,000 ha. Some of the most important canals that integrate the provincial system are: Paso de las Carretas, Quines – Candelaria, Renca – Santa Rosa, Nogolí, Río Amieva, San Francisco, Leandro N. Alem, Luján, Lafinur and Villa Mercedes, which supply its irrigation water for field crops, fruits and vegetable products, gardening, and livestock use.

Raw water users in the province are served from a network that, adding the aqueducts and canals systems, reaches 4,731 Km distributed across the map of the province.

The network for irrigation water users is in constant expansion, as we have been able to reach areas where production was not possible before. This achievement has been possible thanks to the policy of implementing coordinated and efficient irrigation systems added to the traditional-gravitational irrigation systems.


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