What is San Luis Agua?

The government of San Luis manages the water resources throughout the province, which are environmental heritage of all its inhabitants. It does so through San Luis Agua, a state society that is the authority for the water resource management.

This governmental body is engaged in the integrated management of raw water and the province’s water infrastructure including dams, aqueducts, canals, public wells and boreholes.

In San Luis Agua, we work under the premise of ensuring quality service in the distribution of surface and underground raw water, promoting also a new water use culture that revolves around awareness and education. Also, through the Water Police department, we manage inspections and provide clearance certification of vessels to sail our dams, collect water consumption readings from our users and manage the connections to water lines, always with the aim of continuing to improve the province’s production rates.

Contact us:

Administrative Office, Capital Building, Ground Floor. Terrazas del Portezuelo. San Luis Capital.

Twitter: @sanluisagua

Facebook: sanluisaguase