Preservation of water bodies

San Luis Agua, in its role as raw water management agent, also seeks to generate community awareness on the comprehensive preservation of the water resource.

The State Society carries out various awareness-raising campaigns not only in educational institutions during the school year, but also in each communication network to extend the message about the various aspects of water preservation.

Among the several reasons why it is essential to preserve the resource, it highlights the fact that water is the element that ensures human survival. In this sense, a human being could survive for up to a week without food, but could not survive more than three days without water.

On the other hand, water bodies, such as rivers or dams are a climate-regulating factor during the different seasons of the year. In particular, during summer, San Luis Water reinforces the message of acting with prudence in the dams and reservoirs of the province. To do this, in addition to the controls carried out weekly in the reservoirs, it is strongly recommended not to throw plastic or paper waste, since when they dilute totally or partially, they release substances that significantly reduce the oxygen in the water and alter its physico-chemical composition.

Taking care of natural spaces such as dams and rivers ensures a sustainable life for those who inhabit the provinnce and its future generations. San Luis Water advocates for the care of the water resource, seeking to involve the community in this commitment.